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About Us

Innovation (literally “innovation” or “renewal”; derived from Latin innovare ‘to renew’) is used colloquially in meaning of new ideas and inventions and for their economic implementation. In particular, innovations only result from ideas when they are implemented in new products, services or processes that are actually being used successfully and penetrate the market (diffusion).[1]Through considerable research, expertise, testing and analysis, we have been able to collect what makes us a trustworthy and reliable partner.Because of the “know-how” that has been collected and enriched through years of experience, we have decided to share this knowledge with our customers.We have been able to strengthen the trust in our well-known and renowned customers through many years of practical work. So we have set ourselves the goal of using this trust to represent our suppliers on the Turkish market and to familiarize our customers with the tools. You can be sure that our portfolio only contains tools from suppliers who are the global leaders in their respective fields. Including top suppliers of cutting tools such as Botek, Vargus, NTK and OSG. Since all of these companies are market leaders in their industry and work under European standards, we only offer you “high-quality” goods.The founder and managing director, Adem Çağlar, had been developing and expanding his skills in this industry for his 32 years of professional experience at Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) in Stuttgart. By optimizing special tools and manufacturing processes, it became his goal to gain the specialist knowledge at a high level. By working with the top suppliers, Adem Çağlar was not only able to get to know the most exclusive ones between them, but also to develop many solutions for the production of automobile manufacture. By doing that, he worked closely with many different suppliers of the tools to carry out trials during processing in production. This allowed important aspects of machining such as tool life, surface quality, performance and sustainability to be developed and innovated.

Our Suppliers

  • Threading Tools
  • Drill Bits
  • Inserts
  • Reamers

Deep Drilling Technologies

  • Deep hole drilling
  • Single-lip drill
  • BTA systems
  • Indexable inserts
    • Ceramic
    • CBN / Diamond
    • Carbide
  • Turning tools
  • Thread program
  • Honing Tools
  • Innovative special tools for machining made of solid carbide
  • Tool reconditioning
  • In-house PVD coating including stripping of coatings